KC2015 offerings to support sexual abuse survivors, Racial/Ethnic leadership education

This piece was originally released via Mennonite Church USA’s News Service.

(Mennonite Church USA) — At every Mennonite Church USA convention, an offering is received to support a particular ministry or initiative of the church. This summer in Kansas City, convention goers will have the opportunity to contribute to the Care and Prevention Fund established through Mennonite Church USA by the Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church and the Racial/Ethnic Leadership Education Fund (RELE) administered by Mennonite Education Agency.

Care and Prevention Fund

Over the past two years, leaders in Mennonite Church USA have been working to address the painful and complex legacy of sexual abuse by renowned theologian and professor John Howard Yoder and the church’s inadequate responses to that abuse, as well as abuse by other church leaders.

The Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church, formed in August 2013, has taken concrete steps to provide a fuller historical account of the abuse Yoder committed while serving at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS), Elkhart, Indiana, and with other church agencies. The group is inviting the church to repent of neglecting to intervene effectively to stop Yoder’s abuse and the abuse of other church leaders. Group members have submitted a statement addressing sexual abuse and prevention for consideration by the Delegate Assembly at KC2015.
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