Prakaifo Thosaengsiri 2016 IWF Scholarship Recipient

Meet one of our new 2016 International Women’s Fund scholarship recipients, Prakaifo Thosaengsiri:

“My name is Prakaifa Thosaengsiri. I was born on October 27, 1990. I have five siblings including me. Out of the five children I am the oldest. There are four girls including me and one boy. I was born into a Christian family. My father’s name is Pornchai Thosaengsiri and he is the current pastor at St. Paul Hmong Mennonite Church. My mother’s name is Dao Thosaengsiri. Right now I am currently studying at Bangkok Bible Seminary and this is my first year there. I have class everyday Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday I would help with duties at my church. The church that I am with is called, Koob Moov, meaning “Blessings” in Hmong. This church is located in the city that I am from which is called, Kheknoi, Thailand.

Although I was born into a Christian family it was really hard for me to believe that God really exist. I’ve always questioned how do you believe and put your whole life into something that you cannot see? One day I was really sick and had a really bad headache. Instead of taking some medicine I’ve decided to just pray to God that if He is really real and that if He is there then to heal me and my headache right away. As I was praying this I felt a gush of wind touching my forehead and then I realized that the pain was fading away. Right at that moment I knew that God was there and He did it. From that experience I know and trust that God is always listening and watching at all times. He hears and He knows all things. Continue reading