Recovery in Jamestown, Colorado

It was a cold, snowy December morning in 2013 when my husband Jeff — a Mennonite Disaster Service staff member — MDS volunteers Gil and Rhoda Friesen and I arrived in Jamestown, Colorado. A September flood had completely washed away 17 homes and had left many more with heavy damage. Ninety-eight percent of the residents had been to be airlifted out of town.

Everywhere we looked, there was destruction.

The little town of 300 was at a standstill. Jamestown’s infrastructure had been severely damaged, and there was still no running water. The town hadn’t gotten much media attention after the flood, so the residents were alone in mourning the loss of their home as they had known it.

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MW USA Announces New Ministry Name and Coordinator: The Housewarmer Project

MENNONITE WOMEN USA (MW USA) announces a new name and new coordinator for one of their important ministries. The Housewarmer Project ministry provides quilted wallhangings to individuals and families whose homes have been destroyed by disaster and have received a new or rebuilt home through Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS).

The Housewarmer Project’s newly appointed volunteer coordinator, Becky Koller, gathers quilted wallhangings from a network of volunteer quilters found across the US. Once gathered, Koller coordinates the distribution of The Housewarmer Project wallhangings with MDS during home dedication ceremonies.

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