Lici Roth and the Humor and Playfulness of God :: Summer 2015 Timbrel

by Lici Roth. Alicia (“Lici”) Roth is a native of Peru. After 15 years living in different parts of the US, she now enjoys life in small town Kansas. Lici has a degree in economics and experience working in health promotion in marginalized and migrant populations. Now, she’s on the journey of radical homemaking. She enjoys gardening, preserving, biking and doing occasional medical interpreting.

“Let her do whatever she wants to you,” said the ten-year old to her sister one Sunday morning when they showed up on our doorstep before church.

I had asked if I could braid her little sister’s hair.

“Why?” I asked

The older, “wiser” sister answered, “Because it’s you, and we trust you.”

It was true, they did, even the little one who only three months ago, when she got reunited with her older siblings, wouldn’t even shake my hand. Continue reading