Connecting Women and Money by Everence President Ken Hochstetler

by Ken Hochstetler. Ken is President and CEO of Everence, which helps people and institutions integrate faith and values into their financial decisions to accomplish their stewardship goals.

Betty Loewen (left) and Camille Adrian of Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota model the new Sister Care T-shirts, thanks to Everence.

I am delighted Everence is the sponsor for the Sister Care t-shirts for Mennonite Women USA. Everence wants to be identified with Mennonite Women USA as a financial organization that supports women and their futures.

Women are not the first group many people associate with financial matters. The traditional stereotype is that money issues are centered within the orbit of men. That is indeed true among many couples. In other households, married and single women take responsibility for financial decisions. You know other women all along that spectrum.

Our goal is not to treat women like men.

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