Women in Conversation retreats included worship, time for prayer and reflection, challenging input, ample time to talk, laugh, cry, and even participate in the “Menno Spa.”

Beginning in 2018, the new retreat experience will be called Empowering Women.  Stay tuned!
Here’s a brief history of Women in Conversation themes and speakers:

Theme: The Spirited Lives of Women
Speaker: Jennifer Davis Sensenig

Theme: Into the Wilderness: The Journey of God’s Beloved
Speaker: Meghan Good
Laurelville Worship Leaders: Carmen Miller and Janet Hostetter
Hesston Worship Leader: Tonya Bartel

Theme: Living a Life of Gratitude
Speaker: Megan Ramer
Laurelville Worship Leaders: Kristin Graber Kauffman and Jen Helmuth Shenk
Hesston Worship Leader: Treva Greaser

Theme: Daring to Let Our Spirits Soar
Speaker: Carolyn Holderread Heggen
Laurellville Worship Leader: Becky Degan
Wichita Worship Leader: Jenny Schrag

Theme: Treasuring Time
Speakers: June Alliman Yoder and Mandy Yoder Schrock
Laurelville Worship Leader: Louise Ranck
Wichita Worship Leader: Kay Schroeder

Theme: Creating Wholeness
Speaker: Brenda Martin Hurst
Laurelville Worship Leaders: Brenda Benner and Donna Mast
Wichita Worship Leader: Roma Eicher

Theme: Desiring Wholeness
Speakers: Regina Shands Stoltzfus on “Restoration” and Valerie Weaver Zuercher on “Revolutions”
Laurelville Worship Leaders: Cynthia Lapp and Carol Oberholtzer

Theme: Seeking and Sharing Wisdom
Speakers whose stories were told in: Quiet Shouts: Stories of Lancaster Conference Mennonite Women Leaders edited by Louise Stoltzfus and She Has Done a Good Thing: Mennonite women leaders tell their stories, edited by Mary Swartley and Rhoda Keener
Laurelville Worship Leaders: Wanda Roth Amstutz and Andrea Welty Peachey