Have a women’s group, meeting, Bible study, sewing circle, knitting party, gardening group, service gathering or group of friends? Wonderful! We have ideas for ways to engage, learn, grow and actively participate in your gatherings in meaningful ways.


Women Together I :: Decorations, Activities and More

Offer a registration discount to those bringing a friend. In invitations encourage attenders to wear particular colors, such as purple and white for a program on Lydia. Promote your retreat by placing gift certificates in men’s restrooms at Read more →


Women Together I :: Things to Make for Sale

Mixes: Bean soup, muffin and pancake mixes, friendship tea, herbs, dry ingredients for bread machine specialty breads or cookies. Canned goods: Jellies and jams, soups, vegetables, ice cream toppings, salsa, pasta sauce, relishes and pickles. Other edibles: Read more →


Women Together I :: Fundraising Events

Fundraising Book night: Decorate tables to represent different books and have people vote for their favorite by depositing change in jars on each table. Invite an author in your congregation to speak, or spend time sharing about well-loved books. Collect Read more →


Women Together I :: Service Projects in Your Community


Women Together I :: Events for Fun and Growth Within Your Congregation

Many of these events would work equally well as fundraisers or just for having a good time and getting better acquainted. Mix and match these ideas to suit you, inviting any variety of participants: regular group members Read more →


Women Together I :: A Simple Spiritual Retreat

Effective spiritual retreats may be very simply organized. Invite your regular group to meet on a Saturday morning or host a special time for women in your church who don’t meet regularly as a group. Women of our Read more →


Women Together I :: Prayer Possibilities


Women Together I :: Nurturing Spirituality in Groups


Women Together I :: Conversation Starters

Show and tell: Invite each person to bring a handmade item (or an antique or photograph), and tell the story of where it came from and what it means to her. Or ask each person to bring and share about Read more →


Women Together I :: Things to Do Together


Women Together I :: Moms and Tots Groups

Being a stay-at-home parent can be lonely and isolating at times, so it’s important to regularly interact with other women. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is an international non-denominational Christian organization with minimal fees. In one typical pattern, groups Read more →


Women Together I :: Preserving the History of Your Group

When we preserve past history, we gain understanding of how our present has been shaped. We grow in knowledge of who we are and the gifts we have. The past gives us perspective and helps us refocus our Read more →


Women Together I :: Using Special Events as a Means of Outreach

Carol S. is one of the most joy-filled, grateful Christians I have ever met. Twenty-five years ago, I couldn’t have said this. At that time, Carol was an unchurched single mother with four children, supporting her family through housecleaning Read more →


Women Together I :: How to Write a Governance Document

Many women’s groups have some sort of written document that guides their operations and overall sense of being together. While often called a constitution, a better term might be governance document. Constitution refers to the governance document of an entity Read more →


Women Together I :: Types of Women’s Groups

Meet for a half hour of fellowship and a half hour of study once a week, using Mennonite Women USA’s annual Bible study guides or other materials. This could involve private study between sessions. Spiritual friendships: Gather in Read more →


Women Together I :: Steps for Starting a Women’s Group

Consider the characteristics of your congregation. Are you: Small: no women’s group Large: a mix of full-time homemakers and women working outside the home Integrated: men and women work jointly on committees, leadership Traditional: an established women’s group meets some Read more →