Members of First Mennonite Church of San Francisco submitted pieces of fabric that represent their work–professions, hobbies, volunteering, interests, and/or gifts.  A booklet accompanies this quilt telling the church’s story. Please use it as a guide to hold individual members and our congregation in prayer as we work toward the Kingdom of God. Learn more about our congregation.

In 2007 Mennonite Church USA held its biennial convention in San Jose, CA.  As part of the convention’s support of local ministries in the San Francisco Bay Area, a quilt was created with fabrics from across MCUSA and auctioned off to benefit our congregation’s capital campaign to buy the building which houses our Mennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) unit.  The winner of this quilt donated it to FMCSF, and it has hung in our MVS unit ever since. 

The quilt FMCSF made for Mennonite Women in 2019 uses the same piecing pattern and quilting design as was used in the 2007 quilt. 

By choosing this pattern we are affirming our connection to the Mennonite Church USA family.