Women in Conversation Together with God

Unique. Inspiring. Ethical. These are the articles that make up Timbrel. This publication is a wonderful way to connect on a deeper level with other women on your faith journey.

We’re committed to bridging the gap between generations from 16-year-olds to 116-year-olds; there is wisdom to be had and shared at all ages and for all ages. Are you a sophomore in college? A business owner? A mom? An aunt? A missionary? A pastor? A quilter? A farmer? A peacemaker? Timbrel exists to connect and broadcast all the women who make up Mennonite Women USA. So that means it is perfect for you.

A subscription to Timbrel keeps this important ministry alive. Consider sharing your copy with women in your community or better yet, give a gift subscription to a woman you know will benefit from connecting with other powerful women.

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Timbrel mission:

Connects today’s Mennonite women in all our diversity by sharing our stories and perspectives. By encouraging each other, we seek to walk more closely with God and to show greater love for self and neighbors near and far.

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