Our annual Bible Study guides are ideal for Bible study groups, women’s groups, retreats, and classes or for personal use and reflection.

Every Time I Feel the Spirit conveys the Holy Spirit’s legacy passed along to us through many bold women. Author and pastor, Shannon W. Dycus, compels readers to explore what we personally inherit from our lineage in the Spirit. This Bible study traces the creative power of the Spirit among women of Scripture, to women of history, to us. Learn from Vashti, Mary, Anna, Naamah, Ruth, Jochebed, the wife of Jairus, Sophia, a prodigal sister, and more. These valiant individuals of the Bible and contemporary women lead us into Spirit-breathed journeys of our own.

Key Features: Bible study that helps women learn the power of the Spirit in their lives and actions; excellent for individual study, women’s groups, and retreat settings; 12 sessions of study plus 1 worship service in each guide.

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Discover the rhythm of worship. Every day, every week, every year, there are ways to worship God. Every Day Worship inspires women to be worshipful people, not just people who worship. Using the elements of a worship service, author Carol Penner guides women invites women to dive deep into Scripture and faith through worship experiences.

Excellent for personal study, women’s groups, retreat settings, and individual study and inspiration, this 12-session Bible study encourages women to worship every day.

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Previous Year’s Bible Study Guides

Live Your Call: Embracing God’s Mission by Anna Liechty Sawatzky.  Caught up in the everyday realities of life and wondering how you fit into God’s larger mission? Live Your Call empowers and motivates women to name and share their gifts as they serve God. This 12-session Bible study helps women recognize the Spirit’s gentle nudging—or firm push—so that they can clarify and participate in God’s mission for their lives. Author Anna Liechty Sawatzky draws deeply from stories in the Gospels to affirm and challenge women to live out their God-given calling and to empower them to share the good news with others.  
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spark bible study guide2015 Spark: Nurturing Your God-Given Creativity by April Yamasaki will nurture your spirit with this dynamic, 12-session women’s Bible study. Spark thoughtfully takes you deep into the Bible, and unpacks stories of God’s creative spirit at work. Each session artfully brings biblical texts to life, encouraging you to uncover, develop, and embrace the gift of your own creativity.

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2014 Practicing Presence by Teri J. Plank Brenneman serves as a complement to Sister Care seminar materials. Twelve sessions highlight topics such as the creation story of God as a loving creator, loving God and others as ourselves, Jesus and Mary grieving when Lazarus died, and Ruth being present with Naomi during a transition to a new homeland, among others. A 13th session is designed as a worship service.
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Cover[1]esmall2010 Seek Peace & Pursue It: Women Faith, and Family Care by Elizabeth Soto Albrecht Each of the 12 lessons contains practical ideas for sowing the seed of true peace, while examining everyday actions. This guide is ideal for use by women’s groups or for a Sunday school quarter. Thoughtful questions make this guide helpful for individual devotions and journaling.
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Beauty BSG esmall2009 For the Beauty of the Earth: Women, Faith, and Creation Care by Patty Friesen Each of the 12 lessons and the closing worship focuses on creation care. Natural disasters, flooding, and drought have roused our awareness of the effects of climate change, reminding us that a healthy planet is essential for human health, physically and spiritually. Spiritually, the earth is one of the most tangible ways that God communicates love and creativity to us. Lifestyle changes and commitments in the realm of creation care walk hand-in-hand with the lifestyle changes and commitments in our Christian walk. It is an ongoing process of discovery and joy.
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2008 BSGMoneyesmall2008 Your Treasure, Your Heart: Women and the Stewardship of Money by Patricia Burdette This is the third in the series on time, talent and treasure. Each of the 12 lessons and the closing worship focuses on Jesus’ words about money.
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