Sister Care Facilitator Kit


Package together and save! Get the 12-session Sister Care DVD + the 40-page Sister Care Facilitator Guide as a kit and save nearly 10%!

Sister Care DVD sessions provide the foundation for interactive group discussion and activities outlined in the 40 page Sister Care Facilitator Guide.

Unit 1: Claiming Our Identity as God’s Beloved
Session 1: I am God’s Beloved Daughter (11:15)
Session 2: The Beloved Woman Behind the Mask (13:17)
Session 3: The Importance of My Story (7:19)

Unit 2: Caring for Self and Others
Session 1: Women as Nurturers and Caregivers (9:53)
Session 2: Setting Appropriate Boundaries (13:50)
Session 3: Enlarging the Circle of Care (20:26)

Unit 3: Compassionate Listening
Session 1: The Healing Power of Listening (9:47)
Session 2: Listening in Ways that Heal (12:18)
Session 3: Transforming Toxic Stories into Healing Stories (12:52)

Unit 4: Transforming Loss and Grief
Session 1: Understanding Loss and Grief (10:03)
Session 2: How to Help a Grieving Friend (20:10)
Session 3: The Church as a Place of Healing (12:32)