Sister Care Facilitator Guide


Easy-to-use Sister Care Facilitator Guide is written by Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Heggen and offers suggested scripture, songs, and additional questions and activities for participants. 40 pages. Facilitator guide to accompany Sister Care DVD.

Sister Care DVD sessions provide the foundation for interactive group discussion and activities outlined in the 40 page Sister Care Facilitator Guide.

Unit 1: Claiming Our Identity as God’s Beloved
Session 1: I am God’s Beloved Daughter (11:15)
Session 2: The Beloved Woman Behind the Mask (13:17)
Session 3: The Importance of My Story (7:19)

Unit 2: Caring for Self and Others
Session 1: Women as Nurturers and Caregivers (9:53)
Session 2: Setting Appropriate Boundaries (13:50)
Session 3: Enlarging the Circle of Care (20:26)

Unit 3: Compassionate Listening
Session 1: The Healing Power of Listening (9:47)
Session 2: Listening in Ways that Heal (12:18)
Session 3: Transforming Toxic Stories into Healing Stories (12:52)

Unit 4: Transforming Loss and Grief
Session 1: Understanding Loss and Grief (10:03)
Session 2: How to Help a Grieving Friend (20:10)
Session 3: The Church as a Place of Healing (12:32)