Bible Study Bundle // Abundant Faith: Women’s Bible Study Series

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This series encourages women to explore their faith and connect with God through theme-centered studies that relate to their everyday lives.

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Bountiful Hearts: Money is an intimate subject for most of us. But the Scriptures talk a great deal about money and what we do with it. As Christian, we worship a God who cares deeply that our wealth, on loan to us, is used in a way that reflects God’s love for all. This Bible study gives deeper meaning to the blessings and responsibilities of money.

Courageous Women: Strong. Courageous. Persistent. Uncover stories of biblical women who acted with unflinching courage – women who sought justice, spoke truth, and witnessed God’s love. The women profiled in the Bible Study serve as models to encourage and challenge us today.

Generous Gifts: Scripture reveals a God who has lavished many gifts upon us in creation, healing, and relationships. In gratitude, we join God in offering healing and hope to the world. This Bible Study helps us appreciate the full range of God’s goodness to us, and to discern creative ways to share our gifts wherever God has placed us.

Wonderfully Made: To offer good and healthy care to others, we need to nurture and replenish ourselves. Using wisdom learned from her journey with infertility, Terri J. Plank Brenneman connects with readers and their own life experiences by using sound scriptural and psychological principles helpful in self-care. The Bible Study validates the importance of personal wholeness.