Bible Study Bundle // 2019, 2018, & 2017

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Every Time I Feel the Spirit author, Shannon W. Dycus, skillfully traces the Spirit’s creative power as it has moved women throughout history and continues among us. Readers learn from Vashti, Mary, Anna, Naamah, Ruth, Jochebed, the wife of Jairus, Sophia, and a prodigal sister, among others. These valiant individuals—who come to us through Scripture and other historical sources—lead us into Spirit-breathed journeys of our own.

Every Day Worship inspires women to be worshipful people, not just people who worship. Discover the rhythm of worship. Every day, every week, every year, there are ways to worship God. Using the elements of a worship service, author Carol Penner guides women invites women to dive deep into Scripture and faith through worship experiences.

Live Your Call empowers and motivates women to name and share their gifts as they serve God. This 12-session Bible study helps women recognize the Spirit’s gentle nudging—or firm push—so that they can clarify and participate in God’s mission for their lives. Author Anna Liechty Sawatzky draws deeply from stories in the Gospels to affirm and challenge women to live out their God-given calling and to empower them to share the good news with others.