Growing Our Endowment Fund

front-page-slides-1 (1)As Mennonite Women USA celebrates 100 years of ministry in 2017, you are invited to help create an endowment fund to help sustain women’s ministry for the next 100 years. With an endowment, the principal is never spent, but is invested with the Mennonite Foundation, and provides a perpetual source of funds for programming.

  • You can give to the endowment in your lifetime.
  • You can give to the endowment through Estate Giving.
  • Regardless of how the gift comes, giving is a holy calling.
The woman from Shunem (II Kings 4: 8-9) envisioned a room for the prophet Elisha to be received with hospitality. She said, “Let us make a small roof chamber with walls, and put there a bed, a table, a chair, and a lamp….” With the same care and vision, join us in creating a space for the ongoing ministry of Mennonite Women USA.
Donations to the endowment shall be considered unrestricted, unless given for a specific purpose or for a specific term by the donor, which restriction shall be set forth in a donor agreement between the donor and the charity. To speak to MW USA about estate giving, please contact our office by emailing us or calling: 316-281-4396.
Mennonite Women USA is a constituent group of Mennonite Church USA and is supported by gifts from individuals and groups.

What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is a special charitable fund that is invested for the future needs of a charitable organization such as Mennonite Women USA. Only the interest generated by the fund is used by the organization in the future.
It is as way for donors to give a gift that continues to support MW USA year after year well into the future, guaranteeing the important ministries of MW USA will continue even as new needs and new ministries emerge in future generations.
Gifts given for the endowment fund will be invested with Mennonite Foundation. Our conservative spending policy ensures that your gift will continue to grow, even as earnings from it support current ministries, including Sister Care and International Women’s Fund leadership training scholarships, and Bible study resources for women in our churches.

How is a legacy clause written in a will?

The following language is a sample of how to create a legacy clause in your will. Be sure to discuss this with your attorney:
“I give _____________ (insert dollar amount) or (real or personal property) or ___________ (percentage of estate after all debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests have been paid) to Mennonite Women USA as an unrestricted gift.”