Sister Care seminars provide women with tools for ongoing personal healing, recognizing and celebrating God’s grace in their lives, and responding more confidently and effectively to the needs of others in their families, congregations and communities.

Read “God With Skin on for Each Other” from the June 2020 issue of The Mennonite magazine. In it, Rhoda and Carolyn share some of the ways women throughout the world are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sister Care explores these areas of caring ministry:

I Am God’s Beloved Daughter
What we believe about our personal worth and identity makes a difference in how we care for others.

Caring for Self and Others
Caring for others is costly. We need to set limits and nurture ourselves as we minister to others in our homes, congregations, and communities.

Compassionate Listening
Compassionate listening is spiritual work that can help transform brokenness and grief.

Transforming Loss and Grief
God’s healing often happens in the context of a caring congregation of people who have done their own healing work, have learned from their experiences, and have grown in compassion for others

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