Mennonite Women USA’s International Women’s Fund (IWF) scholarships help women around the world receive training for church leadership.

Our recent grants totaling $10,000 (US) per year provide scholarships for educational expenses for twenty Anabaptist women worldwide.

Referrals are received from agencies and conferences related to Mennonite Church USA. See Guidelines. We feel it is important to train women to be spiritual mentors. Read more about this important discussion with Colombian theology students here.

Your gifts assist women’s leadership training in our worldwide Mennonite church. Make a donation to the IWF today.

Congratulations to our 2015 International Women’s Fund recipients:

Anne-Marie Ndungo-Malenge, Congo

Jeongih Han, Korea

Ofelia Garcia, Mexico

Eugénie Maungala, Congo

Olga Beatriz Lodono, Colombia

Dora Elcy Pereira Guevara, Colombia

Yanett Palacios, Guatemala

Maria Ines Polomaris, Colombia

Fabiola Arango Libero, Colombia

Edilma Sanchez, Colombia

Charlotte Mulemba-Kanyama, Congo

Priyanka Bagh, India

Carren Ouma, Kenya

Emilia Amexo, Ghana

Fadah Amanda, Valencia

Beatriz Miranda, Colombia

Cecilia Guevara, Colombia

Idaira Cabezon, Panama

Memee Yang, Hmong

Rosa Maria Romero Palacios, Nicaragua

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