Mennonite Women USA’s Housewarmer Project provides quilted wallhangings to persons whose homes have been destroyed by disaster, and have received a new or rebuilt home through Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS).

Since its beginning in 2004, quilt makers from across the United States have sent nearly 400 handmade quilted wallhangings to individuals and families celebrating a new beginning in a new home.

For many women, this is a very fulfilling ministry. Each wallhanging is not only a personal expression of creativity, but is also seen as a gift of love to those who have experienced a disaster in their lives. Every stitch represents prayers of hope and restoration to strangers who have lost much. These little gifts of beauty are received with smiles, and often hugs and tears.

The Housewarmer Project is Becky KollerCoordinated by Becky Koller of Central Kansas.

Becky has been extensively involved with MDS projects as a volunteer. She has been in attendance at many home dedications and has been honored to present several new homeowners with one of the wallhangings from Mennonite Women USA.

“When I present a wallhanging I say, ‘This wallhanging consists of a lot of small pieces. When you look at it, remember all the pieces it took to build your house. When you see all the different colors, think of all the different volunteers who worked on your house and how they came and shared their love with you.’”

Guidelines for making a wallhanging:

  • The pattern, fabrics, quilting design, are all your choice. Please use new fabric and avoid fabric that includes animals, sports teams or trendy designs. Because this is a wallhanging, please sew on a “hanging sleeve” to the back.
  • Dimensions should be somewhere between 90” and 150” around. They can be square (96” = 24” square; 144” = 36” square) or rectangular as long as the total outside dimensions (add up all four sides) do not exceed 150 inches.
  • When you begin a wallhanging for this project, please email the coordinator Becky Koller or call her: 620-386-0010. Whether calling or emailing, please let Becky know your name, address, phone number and email address.

When your wallhanging is finished:

  1. Let Becky know and she will send you shipping instructions and a label for you to appliqué to the back of the wallhanging.
  2. Take a picture of yourself or your group with your wallhanging, then print your picture.
  3. Send your quilted wallhanging and the photo to Becky Koller. She will provide the mailing address when you contact her.
  4. Becky will send the gathered wallhangings to the MDS headquarters in Lititz, PA, where they will be distributed to MDS project directors for giving to new homeowners at the time of their home dedication.

Remember, there may be some wait time between the completion of your wallhanging and shipping it to the MDS site.

We welcome you to download The Housewarmer Project brochure in PDF.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Becky Koller by phone: 620-386-0010 or email.