Mennonite Women USA invites persons to share financially to support this ministry. Individuals are invited to give in honor of or in memory of significant people in their lives. We recognize each gift that honors or remembers a relationship. These women were honored or remembered by a loved one who sent a gift to Mennonite Women USA.

Gifts given since December 25, 2016:

  • Carolyn Watkins in memory of Dorothy Kingsley.
  • Virvil Hershberger in memory of Margaret Hershberger.
  • Don Schmidt in memory of Marlene Schmidt.
  • Sheryl Banks in memory of Marjorie Kotva.
  • Sharon Baker in honor of Mary Lehman.
  • Jean M Oswald in honor of Ruth H Miller.
  • Regina Wenger in memory of Naomi Engle.
  • Nancy Rohrer Sauder in honor of Ruth Garber Rohrer.
  • Jan Rheinheimer in honor of Irene Bechler.
  • Jill Hawkins in honor of Sue Schmucker.
  • Linda Rush in memory of her mother, Sallie C. Rush.
  • Pearl Hartman in honor of Mary Swartley.
  • Elizabeth Goering in memory of Victor R Goering.
  • Joy Kauffman King in memory of Karen Stoltzfus.
  • Delilah Wedel in honor of Berni Kaufman.