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I. Title: Executive Director

II. Preamble—The executive director shall:

  1. Provide leadership and direction to actualize the mission and vision of Mennonite Women USA.
  2. Carry through with initiatives that seek to support and represent the diversity of women in Mennonite Church USA.
  3. Seek to maintain and build positive relationships between Mennonite Women USA and other Mennonite organizations and Christian women’s organizations.

III. Accountability — The executive director is accountable to the chair of the board of directors and will relate directly to the chair of the board.

IV. Qualifications and desired skills

  1. Clear Christian commitment.
  2. Understanding, commitment, and readiness to promote the mission and vision of Mennonite Women USA and Mennonite Church USA.
  3. Desire and ability to foster, resource, and nurture established women’s groups and new initiatives.
  4. Ability to coordinate activities of an office.
  5. Ability to provide supervision and direction for staff.
  6. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
  7. Relationship skills for working with persons of diverse backgrounds.
  8. Verbal and written skills including public speaking.
  9. Ability to set and follow through on goals.
  10. Readiness to travel as part of the role.

V. Terms of Employment: Full-time

VI. Responsibilities

  1. Provide leadership and direction to actualize the mission and vision of Mennonite Women USA by connecting globally, providing resources, and speaking prophetically.
  2. Develop resources for Mennonite women and Mennonite women’s groups:
  3. Envision needed resources for women and seek to implement these resources.
  4. Lead the communication between the MW USA office and leaders of the conference women’s organizations:
    1. Plan Empowering Women event (formerly PREP) every other year
    2. Schedule phone calls and sending letters for encouragement and visioning;
  • Visit conference women’s gatherings;
  1. Coordinate annual communications.
  1. Accept speaking engagements on behalf of MW USA.
  2. Coordinate the International Women’s Fund (IWF) scholarship program, present applications to the board, advise the board sub-committee in the selection of recipients for IWF funds, and communicate with referral agencies and recipients.
  3. Plan programming for Mennonite Church USA conventions.
  4. Collaborate with the Women in Leadership Project.
  5. Integrate Sister Care communications into overall ministry working with Sister Care Director.
  6. Provide leadership in fund-raising for the organization including annual fund and endowment fund.
  7. Build relationships with Lydia and Miriam Circle donors and churches.
  8. Write annual spring and fall appeal letters.
  9. Serve as chair of the board Advancement committee.
  10. Meet with groups of women to share about the ministry of MW USA.
  11. Write grants working with other staff.
  12. Oversee production of all MW USA publications and promotional materials:
  13. Serve as consultant to editor for Timbrel
  14. Write a quarterly column for Timbrel.
  15. Attend the Communication Advisory Council meetings
  16. Oversee production of annual Bible study guide (BSG).
  17. Provide leadership for the Bible Study Advisory Council (BSAC) annual meetings collaborating with Mennonite Women Canada.
  18. Give leadership to Grapevine, the monthly e-newsletter.
  19. Produce promotional material, web site information, and social media communication working with other staff.
  20. Provide leadership in speaking prophetically to women’s issues.
  21. Administer office tasks:
  22. Administer all aspects of MW USA staff employment, including hiring, evaluating, and providing supervision for staff.
  23. Coordinate regularly scheduled meetings for MW USA staff.
  24. Oversee the flow of office tasks generated from publications, correspondence, and financial activity.
  25. Update MW USA procedures manual biennially
  26. Coordinate the financial activity of Mennonite Women USA:
  27. Prepare annual budget in consultation with board treasurer
  28. Monitor budget expenditures, contributions and subscription income.
  29. Calculate publication sharing amount annually from Mennonite Women Canada.
  30. Monitor Missionary Pension fund for annual disbursement to Mennonite Mission Network.
  31. Participate in MW USA board meetings and functions:
  32. Oversee board meeting logistics.
  33. Work with board chair on formation of board agenda.
  34. Serve as a member of the Finance committee.
  35. Attend Constituency Leadership Council (CLC).

Build strong and positive relationships with the broader church including Mennonite Church USA staff, Mennonite World Conference, and other Mennonite organizations and agencies.