Healthy Boundaries conference in Colombia

Read Mennonite Mission Network’s article on this event by Danielle Klotz.

Blessing each other: Ester Bornes and Alix Lozano forefront

The Movement of Anabaptist Women Doing Theology from Latin America (MTAL) hosted a conference on Healthy Boundaries November 6-9 attended by 33 women from the Andean region of South America.  The workshop was led by Alix Lozano and Ely Soto who adapted materials from Faith Trust Institute.  The workshop included developing an understanding of the importance of healthy boundaries in ministry, especially in preventing sexual harassment and abuse. As a group of women leaders, the participants thought both about the limits that they need to draw and keep in their own leadership roles, and also how they work with their churches in processes of establishing practices that help keep everyone safe and are understood by both leaders and the congregations.

33 women attended the conference.

Linda Shelly, MMN Latin American Director, said, “Having worked with Sister Care and hearing many women’s stories of harassment and abuse makes this Healthy Boundaries work with MTAL a natural step in many contexts. I anticipate that the work the MTAL women have done in experiencing and sharing Sister Care will help them to multiply this in many different ways.”

Mennonite Women USA and Dove’s Nest partnered to provide a conference on Healthy Boundaries held in Nebraska in July 2018. 

2 thoughts on “Healthy Boundaries conference in Colombia

  1. Esther Muhagachi on said:

    This is really wonderful,
    I also attended the Women doing Theology conference here at AMBS and was so encouraged to use my faith as my platform. I was also energized and strengthened to shout from the margin even though I feel like no one is listening but I will keep shouting until someone somewhere hears my voice.
    Blessings to all who arranges these very important conferences.

  2. Elizabeth Raid on said:

    It is so wonderful to see those happy faces and know of the spiritual beauty and growth within each of those women. I served in voluntary service in Cachipay, Colombia in late 1960s and my first child was born in Bogota. So blessed by those experiences and given signs of hope those this gathering. Thanks, Linda Shelley and others.
    Elizabeth Raid, Newton, Kansas

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