Jochebed – Celebrating 20 Years of Timbrel

Did you know that Timbrel was first published in 1998? With Cathleen Hockman-Wert as editor, the publication takes it name from the story of Miriam and her timbrel. The following poem by Judith Miller was printed in the very first issue of Timbrel, January-February 1998 on page 7.


Mother of Moses  of Aaron     of Miriam

Did she live to know them

To go with them

Out of bondage    across the dread sea

Into the desert

Did she see her daughter, Miriam

Miriam, prophetess

Take timbrel in her hand         to dance

While all the women followed

Danced with her   singing

Well might they sing

That night

In the desert        under the stars

And dance

In the black clear cold

With their daughters about them

And their sons

Judith Miller

“Timbrel In Her Hand” (1988), a music drama with poetry by Judith Miller and music by Carol Ann Weaver, has been performed multiple times in Canada and the U.S., including the Normal ’89 Mennonite Church convention. Carol Ann teaches music at Conrad Grebel College, and Judith teaches Enlgish at Renison College, both schools associated with University of Waterloo.

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