Woman of the Month by Kathryn Aschliman

In response to your invitation to “Send an email to our office to let us know how you are part of this royal tribe of Mennonite Women USA,” I am moved to write about an attempt at College Mennonite Church in Goshen, Indiana to maintain contact with women who no longer are able to attend our monthly Mennonite Women Work Day.  To assure them that they are not forgotten, we  select a WOMAN OF THE MONTH to whom we extend our love and for whom we offer prayers throughout the month.

Agnes Schertz, a member of College Mennonite Church Mennonite Women, was chosen as woman of the month earlier this year.

Anyone may nominate a Woman of the Month by informing the MW president.  Then each week a contact with the honoree is arranged.  The first is a special ceremony in the home, pinning a Woman of that Month proclamation on her, thanking her for her faithful service in the past and asking God’s continued blessings in the future.  On other designated weeks contacts may be by telephone, email, a card in the mail, or by sharing  a banana split at Olympia Candy Kitchen or another favorite eatery—maybe in the home of the visitor.  Usually in the final week each honoree receives a “Pocket Prayer Quilt.”  It’s 3 inches square with a cross tucked inside the quilt. The recipient can slip it in her pocket or purse.  Throughout the day when her fingers touch the cross, she can be mindful of God’s love and grace.  She may keep it as a tangible symbol of God’s peace, or, if she prefers, she can say a prayer for someone else and pass this tiny gift along.

The pocket prayer quilts that are given to each woman of the month.

This practice of remembering women who faithfully participated in Mennonite Women activities in the recent past is especially applicable during our reflection on the past 100 years of the Mennonite Women organization.

Thank you for enabling our various witnesses,

Kathryn Aschliman

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