The Lady’s Prayer by Charity Kheshgi

Charity Kheshgi is a writer and Sign Language interpreter living with her husband and 3 cats in Pittsburgh, PA. She loves making new friends, reading, and playing board games. She is a member of Pittsburgh Mennonite Church where she currently serves on the Mission and Service commission.  

The Lady’s prayer is a new take on the prayer format that Jesus offers in Matthew 6:9-13 with the Divine feminine as the listener and guide. It shifts the focus from the material to the immaterial kingdom and emphasizes our agency in the creation of a better life and a better world. As a daily meditation, the prayer centers us with love in our hearts, light in our spirits, and purpose in each breath.

The Lady’s Prayer

Our Mother, who art among us

A precious comfort be thy name

Thy domain is the heart

Thy will, the breath of life

Which is continually on the lips

Of every waking soul.

Suckle us each day at your breast

Guide us into healthy relationship

With ourselves and others

Teach us to be present to this moment

To find the path to wholeness and connection

For thine is the light

The love

And the presence forever


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