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Call for Submissions to the April 2016 issue of Anabaptist Witness “Gender and Mission” Submission Deadline: May 1, 2016

The esteem of being identified as a “missionary” was generally reserved for ordained men in the early years of the modern missionary movement. Stories of commitment and years of service of the many women who gave of their lives were often left for the margins, the footnotes, and the letters now buried in shoe boxes and archives, waiting for us to breathe life into these memories once again.

The Co-Editors of Anabaptist Witness invite you to help resuscitate these stories for the October 2016 issue on Gender and Mission. Of course, highlighting stories of women in mission would leave any issue on gender limited.

  • How has engagement in mission shaped our understandings of masculinity?
  • What ministries or networks have been birthed to help address gender-related needs or struggles?
  • And how does testifying to the good news of Jesus the Christ challenge our understandings of gender today, particularly as we engage those from different cultural backgrounds, with different understandings of gender norms?

While we welcome contributions from all faith backgrounds, we especially welcome contributions that are grounded in Anabaptist thought and practice. Because we hope for this journal to be an exchange among peoples from around the world, from laity and pastors to academics and administrators, Co-Editors welcome submissions from a variety of genres including:

  • sermons
  • photo-essays
  • reflections
  • interviews
  • biographies
  • poems
  • academic papers

We also encourage submissions in languages other than English, particularly in French or Spanish.

Guidelines and deadline:

The Co-Editors welcome submissions on this topic through May 1, 2016. Through a peer review process, we will choose 3–4 shorter articles of approximately 1,500 words in length, and 5–6 academic papers of no more than 7,500 words (including footnotes).

Image-based submissions are also subject to peer review. Please familiarize yourself with our editorial process and technical requirements here:

Address all correspondence to Anabaptist Witness Co-Editor, Jamie Ross:


Anabaptist Witness is a publication of Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Mennonite Church Canada, and Mennonite Mission Network.

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MW USA March Email 2016

Prakaifo Thosaengsiri 2016 IWF Scholarship Recipient

Meet one of our new 2016 International Women’s Fund scholarship recipients, Prakaifo Thosaengsiri:

“My name is Prakaifa Thosaengsiri. I was born on October 27, 1990. I have five siblings including me. Out of the five children I am the oldest. There are four girls including me and one boy. I was born into a Christian family. My father’s name is Pornchai Thosaengsiri and he is the current pastor at St. Paul Hmong Mennonite Church. My mother’s name is Dao Thosaengsiri. Right now I am currently studying at Bangkok Bible Seminary and this is my first year there. I have class everyday Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday I would help with duties at my church. The church that I am with is called, Koob Moov, meaning “Blessings” in Hmong. This church is located in the city that I am from which is called, Kheknoi, Thailand.

Although I was born into a Christian family it was really hard for me to believe that God really exist. I’ve always questioned how do you believe and put your whole life into something that you cannot see? One day I was really sick and had a really bad headache. Instead of taking some medicine I’ve decided to just pray to God that if He is really real and that if He is there then to heal me and my headache right away. As I was praying this I felt a gush of wind touching my forehead and then I realized that the pain was fading away. Right at that moment I knew that God was there and He did it. From that experience I know and trust that God is always listening and watching at all times. He hears and He knows all things. Continue reading

You’re Invited to the Spring Supper of the South Central and Western Districts Mennonite Women

MW USA executive director, Marlene Bogard, is the keynote speaker for the 2016 Mennonite Women Spring Supper hosted by South Central and Western District Mennonite Women groups.

When: Thursday, March 17, 2016

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Where: Whitestone Mennonite Church, 629 Crescent Drive, Hesston, KS 67062

Theme: “Making Connections: friendship, faith and women today”

Marlene Bogard serves as executive director of Mennonite Women USA. She works from her home office in Salem, OR, and daily walks her cute little doggie up a hill, over a creek and beside tall trees. She regularly cuddles and reads to her grandson and is very grateful for that opportunity, but she still misses Kansas and all the wonderful Mennonite women who live there.

More highlights:

  • Music provided by Whitestone Women’s Quartet.
  • Full Meal provided by Whitestone Youth Group of Ham, Potatoes and more
  • Only $10 payable at the door


email here:


call here: 620-327-8201 (Angie at Hesston College).

This event is sponsored by Mennonite Women organizations of South Central and Western District Conferences. The offering will fund the WDC project:  The International Women’s Fund scholarships that help women around the world receive training and education for church leadership. Make check out to:  Mennonite Women USA for WDC project OR to South Central Conference.