Coloring as a Spiritual Practice AND Upcoming Podcast!

Adult coloring books are all the rage. They are relaxing and enjoyable, either individually or as a group. But have you ever considered how coloring might be a kind of spiritual practice? What? Doodling as a way to pray?

I have long been on a mission to help folks claim their own “spirituality style.” Each of us gravitate towards connecting with God in different ways. Some of us love to participate in worship through congregational singing, others would rather be amidst ferns and trees on a woodsy path. Some of us spend hours in silent meditation and prayer, others of us thrive in group discussions, or when baking or cooking. Some of us read and ponder, others of us thrive in the midst of color and design with artistic tools.
All of these spirituality preferences grow out of an inner yearning to relate to God in the way that feels most comfortable, in ways that make us feel most alive. And all of these ways reflect our own personal style of creativity, our inspiration DNA, if you will.
“Me? Creative?” I am often alarmed at the dozens of people who tell me they are not creative. Wait, couldn’t that be offensive to God? Allow me to spell it out: God is our creator. We are made in the image of God. Therefore we are mini-creators. Creativity comes naturally to us, as we are created in the image of God, our creator. We are created to create!

Spark: Igniting your God-Given Creativity by April Yamasaki is a 13-session Bible study that helps us reflect on biblical texts to uncover, develop and embrace the gift of our own creativity. Mennonite IMG_9027Women USA and Mennonite Women Canada collaborated on this project along with Menno Media, who is the publisher.

April provides a vast array of approaches to both claiming your own creativity and then using it to be spiritually active and blessed. It’s a perfect resource for group conversation (women’s groups, small groups, coffee klatches, etc.) or personal devotional reflection.

What better way to introduce the spiritual practice of coloring with NEW Giant Tabletop Coloring Sheets! A couple of weeks ago, I met for coffee with Trudy, of my new Oregon friends, who happens to be a professional graphic designer (think: oozing creativity)! We came up with a plan to offer a very cool opportunity to those of you who might like to color. Ta Dah – The Table Top Coloring Sheet! Perfect for personal reflection time or for a group activity. Imagine how mennonite-women-usa-coloring-sheetsfun it would be to gather your family around the table after a big dinner for quiet conversation and coloring! Or maybe you need some peace and quiet after the big gathering. Proceeds go to support Mennonite Women USA. Order yours today in time for holiday gatherings!

In other creativity news I am collaborating with The Gathering Place for a podcast on “Creativity and Spirituality” this Thursday, December 10 at 12:00pm EST.  Anyone can listen in or join the conversation!

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  1. I’ve been doodling in church since I was 4 ,it helps me to quiet my mind so I’m able to focus on what’s being said. I often doodle as I pray and I journal in my Bible as well, thank you for this article.

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