Luann Yutzy to speak on “Time in a Bottle” // Central Plains Conference // Fall Women’s Retreat September 19 & 20 at Swan Lake






by-Barb Voth, Bethesda Mennonite Church, Henderson, Nebraska

Central Plains Mennonite Conference Women invite you to their annual retreat at Swan Lake Christian Camp near Viborg, South Dakota. Bring a friend and enjoy a weekend of inspiration, relaxation, interest sessions, and fellowship in a retreat setting.

The speaker for the retreat, Luann Yutzy, is a 2006 graduate of Eastern Mennonite Seminary in Harrisonburg, Virginia and an ordained minister in Mennonite Church USA, serving most recently in Central Plains congregations as a transitional pastor at Bethesda Mennonite in Henderson, Nebraska, and Salem-Zion Mennonite near Free­ man, South Dakota. She also was a part of the Emmanuel Mennonite faith community, worshipping with them while her husband served as their interim pastor. She has served in congregations in Pennsylvania and Kansas and has been a staff chaplain at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas.

Luann’s journey has had many twists and turns and she counts it a privilege to walk with others in the ups and downs of their lives. She has found God’s presence always with her from the farm where she lived for 35 years and in the people she has been privileged to know in the places she has lived since. Luann is married to her long-time friend, Robert and they have five children who live in many places, refreshing Luann’s life with their experiences and views of life.

Did you ever wonder what everyday objects in our life would say if they could talk? Luann weaves poems, prayers and scripture as she tells stories of sadness and joy

contained in the bottles that have sat on her shelves. Her session topics include: ”All she needed that day,” “Trees don’t seem to have trouble,” “Give me someone,” and “Blessed are you.” May we, with Luann, celebrate each other as we gather as women who are continually being shaped by, and living out of, the stories we hold inside.

Cost for the entire weekend is $80, Saturday only $40, and Sunday only $30.

Prices include meals, camp fees, and retreat expenses. Registrations are due by Septem­ ber 13, 2015 to Arlyce Friesen, P.O.Box 488, Henderson, NE 68371; 402-723-4414 or 402-364-3220;

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  1. Emily Mapesa on said:

    praise God. How I wished to be with you in this conference. consider me for the next one and I pray I get a sponsor for transport fare from Nairobi Kenya and accommodation. Blessings. Emily.

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