Women Theologians Invited to Gather at Mennonite World Conference

Linda Gehman Peachey, a writer and editor, along with Mary Anne Isaak, a Canadian Mennonite Brethren woman in church leadership, are coordinating a gathering of women theologians at Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly in Harrisburg, PA next month, July 21-26. This North American gathering is being organized in conjunction with the efforts of the other continental groups and their vision for a global network of women theologians.

Please forward this invitation to women you think might be interested in joining this gathering of North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ Women Theologians.

Space has been set aside each day for women theologians from each continent to gather for fellowship and networking at the Global Women’s Space (specific times to be determined closer to the date):

  • Asian women: Tuesday, 7/21
  • North American women: Wednesday, 7/22, 1:30-3:00 pm
  • African women: Wednesday, 7/22, late afternoon
  • Latin American and European women: Thursday, 7/23, afternoon
  • All women: Friday, 7/24, 1:30-5:00pm

Below is some background information on the history and goals of these gatherings, as well as more information about the joint gathering to take place on Friday, 7/24 from 1:30-5:00pm. Continue reading

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MW USA June Email 2015


Finding God’s Laughter Through Clowning with Clown Medics :: Timbrel Summer 2015 :: Humor and the Playfulness of God

This is the Spanish version of an article originally published in English in the Summer 2015 Timbrel magazine. Subscribe to Timbrel today!

La historia comenzó por el año 2005, en la ciudad de Buenos Aires cuándo nació nuestro segundo hijo Bernabé, quién llegó a nuestras vidas con muchas complicaciones (prematuro, con muy bajo peso 1,200 Kg, síndrome de Down). Tuvo que estar en terapia intensiva neonatal como por 3 largos meses. En ese tiempo tuve mi primer encuentro con Payamédicos y pensé que era un lindo obrar de Dios, colorido, con humor y amor. 

Volvimos al Chaco con Bernabé en mejores condiciones de salud, pero el ministerio de visitar comunidades indígenas junto a mi compañero Esteban y nuestra hija Paloma, ya no iba a poder seguir de la misma forma. Berni necesitaba cuidados especiales de salud. Oramos con Esteban y un día Dios trajo a mi memoria la película de Pach Adams y sentí como una confirmación en mi corazón que era por ahí el camino a transitar.  Continue reading

Lici Roth and the Humor and Playfulness of God :: Summer 2015 Timbrel

by Lici Roth. Alicia (“Lici”) Roth is a native of Peru. After 15 years living in different parts of the US, she now enjoys life in small town Kansas. Lici has a degree in economics and experience working in health promotion in marginalized and migrant populations. Now, she’s on the journey of radical homemaking. She enjoys gardening, preserving, biking and doing occasional medical interpreting.

“Let her do whatever she wants to you,” said the ten-year old to her sister one Sunday morning when they showed up on our doorstep before church.

I had asked if I could braid her little sister’s hair.

“Why?” I asked

The older, “wiser” sister answered, “Because it’s you, and we trust you.”

It was true, they did, even the little one who only three months ago, when she got reunited with her older siblings, wouldn’t even shake my hand. Continue reading

Sue Conrad Howes on the Humor and the Playfulness of God :: Timbrel Summer 2015

by Sue Conrad Howes. Sue is an ordained Mennonite pastor and an aspiring comedian.  She is a graduate of Goshen College and holds an M.A. in Speech Communication from Penn State University and an M.Div. from Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. She and her husband, Michael, also a pastor, live in Lancaster, PA and strive to fill their home with friends, exciting theological discussion, and lots of laughter.

At my seminary, there was a table outside of the library that had old books for sale. One day, I walked by and was taken back because of something on the table. Along with the normal, old, musty, theological books was a sketch of Jesus. I stood and stared at the sketch for a long time, mesmerized, drawn into the magnetism of Jesus expressed in this artwork. Eventually, I saw the 25 cent price tag on the art piece. Joyfully, I put a quarter in the self-serve payment box and put Jesus in my backpack.

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Connecting Women and Money by Everence President Ken Hochstetler

by Ken Hochstetler. Ken is President and CEO of Everence, which helps people and institutions integrate faith and values into their financial decisions to accomplish their stewardship goals.

Betty Loewen (left) and Camille Adrian of Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota model the new Sister Care T-shirts, thanks to Everence.

I am delighted Everence is the sponsor for the Sister Care t-shirts for Mennonite Women USA. Everence wants to be identified with Mennonite Women USA as a financial organization that supports women and their futures.

Women are not the first group many people associate with financial matters. The traditional stereotype is that money issues are centered within the orbit of men. That is indeed true among many couples. In other households, married and single women take responsibility for financial decisions. You know other women all along that spectrum.

Our goal is not to treat women like men.

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MW USA History Project Update :: by Anita Hooley Yoder

by Anita Hooley Yoder

Let’s start with some numbers. Since I began this project last September, I have sorted through 29 binders and folders of material from Mennonite Women USA’s previous co-directors. I have read (or at least skimmed) nine books and 15 scholarly articles. I have spent 43 hours in archives and historical libraries and surveyed 40 years of Voice, Window to Mission, and Timbrel magazines. I learned that “two cents a prayer” became a $95,717 Missionary Pension Fund, that over 200 families served by Mennonite Disaster Service have received quilted wall hangings, and that the International Women’s Fund has supported the studies of 86 different women.

But this project is not really about numbers. It’s about people. Continue reading

Sister Care: Level 2 “Going Deeper” Coming to Harrisburg, PA

by Rhoda Keener

A Sister Care: Level 2 “Going Deeper” retreat will be offered for the first time this fall. The retreat will be held October 2-4 at Camp Hebron located 20 miles north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Carolyn Heggen and I cannot count the number of times we have heard women say during a Sister Care Level 1 seminar, “I need more time to process all that we have covered,” or “I wish we had more time at our table groups,” or “make this a full week-end retreat.” Here’s a description of the week-end from the brochure:

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Leaders: Do This, Don’t Do That

There are powerful leaders and humble leaders, horrible leaders and questionable leaders.

Throughout my adult life of working under various leaders—from churches to places of employment, from neighborhood associations to my children’s school board, from nonprofit organizations where I’ve volunteered to my own family—I’ve had varying experiences of leaders and come to understand that everyone is a teacher. They teach me what to do and sometimes what not to do.

1. Do this: Get your hands dirty

When I was a professor of English, I was impressed with the department chair because he always made a point of sitting with the new adjuncts while we graded papers during midterms. He was right there in the lounge grading his papers at midnight, too, coffee breath and all. He wasn’t above us, and that humility gave me pause. Similarly, the Humble Leader we love washed his disciples’ feet and got his hands dirty in the process, all while conveying a beautiful message with his actions.

2. Don’t do this: Feign interest

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KC2015 offerings to support sexual abuse survivors, Racial/Ethnic leadership education

This piece was originally released via Mennonite Church USA’s News Service.

(Mennonite Church USA) — At every Mennonite Church USA convention, an offering is received to support a particular ministry or initiative of the church. This summer in Kansas City, convention goers will have the opportunity to contribute to the Care and Prevention Fund established through Mennonite Church USA by the Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church and the Racial/Ethnic Leadership Education Fund (RELE) administered by Mennonite Education Agency.

Care and Prevention Fund

Over the past two years, leaders in Mennonite Church USA have been working to address the painful and complex legacy of sexual abuse by renowned theologian and professor John Howard Yoder and the church’s inadequate responses to that abuse, as well as abuse by other church leaders.

The Discernment Group on sexual abuse and the church, formed in August 2013, has taken concrete steps to provide a fuller historical account of the abuse Yoder committed while serving at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS), Elkhart, Indiana, and with other church agencies. The group is inviting the church to repent of neglecting to intervene effectively to stop Yoder’s abuse and the abuse of other church leaders. Group members have submitted a statement addressing sexual abuse and prevention for consideration by the Delegate Assembly at KC2015.
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