Emilia Amexo :: 2015 Scholarship Recipient of the International Women’s Fund


Emilia Amexo :: Ghana

Emelia has been involved in Nkwanta Mennonite Church as a leader and has played a pastoral role in some of the newer congregations in that region in the last few years. As she is currently living in Accra where her husband is in ministry, she is not in a position to be in full-time ministry in Nkwanta. However, being in Accra means that she is close to Good News Theological College and Seminary and can work on finishing her Bachelor of Theology degree to reinforce her pastoral vocation and prepare her for future ministry.

Emelia has served in a variety of capacities in the Mennonite Church in Ghana, especially working with youth and women’s groups. Her future work will likely continue in those areas but as she gains experience will likely include congregational and/or national leadership roles.

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