Sister Care DVD and Facilitator Guide now available!

by Rhoda Keener

The Sister Care seminar is now available on DVD with 12 sessions for small groups, retreats, or Sunday school classes. An easy to use 40-page facilitator’s guide written by Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Heggen accompanies the DVD.

IMG_3006Each DVD session taught by Carolyn Heggen or Rhoda Keener averages 12-15 minutes in length with total viewing time of 166 minutes. The facilitator’s guide offers suggested scripture, songs, and additional questions and activities for participants. Each participant will need a Sister Care: Equipping Women for Caring Ministry manual.

Under the direction of Jerry Holsopple, Communications and Visual Arts professor at Eastern Mennonite University, three communications students produced this video as their senior project. In January 2013 Anne Diller, Erica Garber, and Alyshia Zimmerman (pictured at right) filmed Carolyn and Rhoda teaching the four Sister Care units. Then they combined their expertise to produce this resource. A grant from United Service Foundation funded the project.

Sister Care resources are available from the MW USA office.*

DVD + Facilitator Guide: $25

DVD + Facilitator Guide + Sister Care participant manual package: $30

Sister Care manuals: 
1-4 – $10 each
5-9 – $ 9 each
More than 10 – $ 8 each

*Shipping costs additional

Mennonite Women USA is offering a one-day facilitator’s training

This training will be led by Carolyn Heggen and Rhoda Keener on March 7 in Sarasota. The training will follow MW USA’s conference leader resource meeting (PREP) on March 6; PREP attendees will also participate in the Sister Care facilitator’s training. Get registration forms and more information.

If you are interested in learning more about the Sister Care resource and have a desire to be involved in healing ministry in your church or community using this material, you are welcome to register for the March training. The training cost of $25 includes lunch (and dinner if requested). Sister Care training participants are responsible for their lodging and travel costs. For more information or to register, contact Berni Kaufman at

DVD and Facilitator Guide Testimonials:

“What a fabulous guide for women to venture together on a healing journey! With tender love, Carolyn and Rhoda show how to honor each woman’s story of gift and loss. Together we discover how to better care for ourselves and our communities. I wholeheartedly commend this extraordinary guide to circles of women everywhere.” Sara Wenger Shenk, President, Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Indiana

“At a time when a recovery of the church’s healing ministry has never been more urgent, Rhoda Keener and Carolyn Heggen offer an inspired guide accomplishing just that.  With the wisdom of their experience as companions on the journey with thousands of women around the world, they offer a practical and accessible introduction to transformative care for self and others. Putting the gift of healing directly back into the hands of ordinary people like us, they point to the restorative grace that blossoms where wounded hearts meet in the presence of Christ.” –Meghan Good, Pastor, Albany Mennonite Church, Oregon

“We have all been wounded on our journey as humans and healing from those wounds happens best in a faith community where there is love, sensitivity, and transparency. Sister Care gives us tools for our own healing and resources for helping others. The Sister Care DVD and facilitator’s guide are an excellent resource for women who want to share the life changing insights of Sister Care with others. I thank God for providing this resource to help us better care for our sisters. –
Elizabeth Soto Albrecht, Ordained Minister, Moderator of Mennonite Church USA, Pennsylvania

“Sister Care is practical theology at its best!  These materials speak to the amazing healing potential of spiritual friendships. I believe this is exactly what women are hungering for: reflection, connection, conversation, all in the context of God’s love and acceptance.  Together the Sister Care Manual, Facilitator Guide and DVD series make for a powerful combination for women of all ages to reflect on their journeys and become empowered to be more healthy, compassionate listeners and friends.” –Marlene Harder Bogard, Minister of Christian Formation Western District Conference of Mennonite Church USA, Kansas

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