Kitchen Table :: January 2015

by Pam Risser

Here we are at the beginning of another year; a year full of potential and opportunity. We enter the year not fully knowing what it may hold for us. We may have some plans in the making, whether in relation to family, job, education, travel or whatever else we may be anticipating. However, we cannot possibly know all that the future holds throughout the next 12 months.

Time is a continuum. Our life experiences in the past feed into the present which, in turn, feed into the future. Experiences, whether positive or negative, impact who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. Hopefully, we are allowing God to use them to shape us into the kind of persons He would have us be and whom He can use to minister to and serve those around us.

We all come from different pasts and different life experiences. Sometimes those experiences can be heartbreaking and difficult. Our hope wavers and our faith may be shaken. However, God is in the business of restoration. He delights in taking what seems hopeless or beyond redemption and transforming it with His grace. Our circumstance may not change, but we can. Sometimes the transformation is within us.

God is the God of our past, of our present and of our future. No matter where we find ourselves, God is there in the midst of it all. And if life has taught me anything it is to trust in His faithfulness. Because God has shown Himself faithful in all my yesterdays, I know that He will be faithful today and will prove faithful in all my tomorrows. Even when the way ahead is dark and unknown, we can trust in the character of God, in His goodness and in His steadfastness.

So, what does the year 2015 hold for you? Who knows. I pray that it will be filled with moments of delight and joy. I pray that it will be filled with health and happiness.   I pray that it will be filled with time spent with family and friends. But no matter what it may hold, my true prayer is that we can say with the young teen-age Mary after the angel visitation delivering the news of an amazing, yet even more unsettling future for her, “May it be so.”

Used by permission from The Burning Bush, Franklin Conference newsletter.

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