Be the Change

Fog pictureMy niece took this picture from outside her parent’s country home. She happened to be visiting on a foggy fall day and took advantage of the beauty.

Fall is such a wonderful time of change. This photo speaks to me because this country home is across the road from where I grew up so I know the exact spot from which the scene is captured.

I love the trees. The tree has become my life symbol, but that’s for another blog, perhaps. I love the fall colors. I even love the abandoned calf shelter on the right. There is no longer livestock on the farm. But the fog…

From this vantage point, one faces east. There is the promise of sun beyond the fog – light, new beginning, possibility. Sometimes I’m content reclining in the comfort of the west – rest, completion, success. I know what God has done for and with me to this point. And I am comfortable with the known.

Yet, the fog intrigues me. I like change. I like mystery. But I don’t know what’s ahead and if I have what it takes to step forward. There’s excitement in the possibilities that lie ahead. There’s fear in not knowing what lies ahead. This is a great Advent position. Waiting for the birth of what is to come. Waiting to accept my position in that birthing.

Be the goodI recently had this wall hanging made. I can believe all I want. But I can’t be the change if I continue to rest in the west. So I will relish this time of Advent repose as I celebrate the lifting of the fog through the birth of Jesus Christ. I will walk into the birth of being to “be the good”.

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