Claire DeBerg Shares “Choosing Gloria” at Listen To Your Mother

After I gave birth to my second child, Harold, at home, my midwives curled around me while I sat on my bed and encouraged me to submit the birth story of my first child to Listen To Your Mother. Listen to Your Mother’s moniker is: Giving Motherhood a Microphone and it is a national series of original live readings shared locally on stages and globally via social media.

After I had an essay about my experience with an unplanned pregnancy published in Brain, Child the proposition of sharing the story verbally was not as daunting. After all, I’d had my babies 10 years apart so the time for healing and reflection had been engaged and I was ready to share.

So, I submitted my essay (1 of 75 submissions) and then I was called in for a live audition (1 of 40 callbacks) and then I was cast for the Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities 2014 show (1 of 13 cast members)! I was honored.

Each submission was recorded and posted on YouTube. If you have 7 minutes, consider hearing the story “Choosing Gloria” which shares my experience of motherhood…

6 thoughts on “Claire DeBerg Shares “Choosing Gloria” at Listen To Your Mother

  1. Shari DeBerg on said:

    Even though I knew the story and knew there was a joyous outcome, it was gut-wrenching to hear you read it. You are very brave, and I love you for all that you are….including being a wonderful mother to Gloria and Harold.

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