“I want to give it somewhere”

By Rhoda Keener

When I am home, I often worship at Menno Haven Retirement Community where my husband Bob is a chaplain and leads the Sunday morning service twice a month. Nearly half of the parishioners are brought to the chapel in wheel chairs. After the service I join other volunteers to help wheel persons back to their rooms.

Last Sunday, as I pushed a woman to the Walden Unit (for those with advanced dementia or Alzheimer’s), I noticed a dollar bill folded and tightly clenched in one hand. I realized she must have missed the opportunity to give when the offering baskets were passed. We arrived at Walden; I leaned down and asked if she wanted me to take the money back and put it in the offering for her. She looked at me with a somewhat confused expression, and said, “Well, I want to give it somewhere.”

She handed me the folded up dollar.  As I carried it back to the chapel I thought of Jesus’ words, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  I was blessed to have met this dear woman and realize that her heart for giving continued even when her mind was no longer  clear.