Recovering Simplicity :: IN-MI Mennonite Women’s Fall Retreat

Recovering Simplicity IN-MI Women’s Fall Retreat
October 10-12, 2014, Amigo Centre, Sturgis, MI


As women grow into adulthood, we too often grow away from our “young girl” experiences of God — our trust in God’s presence and our own passionate desires.

Coming to peace with ourselves as women means locating the shape of our souls — the shape God designed in us. We will explore what it means to live deliberately as adults connected to the exuberant sense of awe and expectation that lies within.

During this retreat, we will remember the Word hidden away in our hearts. We will let nature speak its Word to us. We will reflect on the lessons of simplicity God wants us to learn today as we carry forward the work of our mothers and grandmothers


Speaker: Shirley Hershey Showalter
Worship Leaders: Janice Troyer, Lauren Eash Hershberger and Kelly Martin

Learn more about and sign-up for the Indiana-Michigan Conference Mennonite Women’s Fall Retreat.
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