Remembering Estela Armoa

By Rhoda Keener

Last Friday Carolyn Heggen and I received the sad news that Estela Armoa, 52, from Paraguay died suddenly that morning from an asthma attack. We met Estela in Bolivia in November while co-IMG_6195 - Copypresenting the Sister Care seminar.  Near the end of our time there, Estela came to us and said, “You must bring this seminar to share with the women of Paraguay.”  She had written down a list of questions about what it would take to host Sister Care in Paraguay.

Now only two weeks before this event is to happen, Estela is gone. With Linda Shelly’s long distance assistance helping to coordinate the planning, Estela and Martha Basualdo organized a Sister Care seminar to be held in Asuncion on August 8-10, 2014.  Estela was a leader with the Mennonite Brethren Church and Martha with the Mennonite Church.

I remember Estela’s energy, passion, and strong leadership gifts.  She is pictured here presenting devotions at the Sister Care seminar in Bolivia. She brought Paraguay’s flag and draped it over the podium to share her pride in her country. When she and I talked later, I told her that I only live one hour from where Mennonite World Conference is meeting in Harrisburg, Pa. in 2015.  She told me she wanted to visit in my home.

I ask each of you to hold Estela’s family and this Sister Care seminar tenderly in your prayers.  Pray especially for Martha, the women who are coming, and for Carolyn and me as we share with the women there at this poignant time. Pray for us that we’ll know how to make the materials appropriate and relevant when the women are experiencing much grief.

3 thoughts on “Remembering Estela Armoa

  1. Lori J. Witmer on said:


    Thanks for sharing this sad news with us. I’ll be praying for God’s Spirit of wisdom and compassion to gently guide as you accompany these precious sisters during their grief and loss of Estela. May healing, in God’s timing, occur as Jesus’ touches lives through your ministry of Sister Care. Thanks, Rhoda and Carolyn, for your faithfulness in practicing presence ministry. Lori

  2. Twila Yoder on said:

    My thoughts and prayers are with our grieving sisters in Paraguay, and also with you, Rhoda and Carolyn, as you take Sister Care to these precious women. May God’s grace sustain Estela’s family and community in this time of great loss.

  3. Dios llamó a Estela y estamos todos muy dolidos aunque sabemos que ya está con nuestro creador! Dios consuele a su esposo e hijas! Las que tuvimos el honor de conocerla sabemos que deja un profundo vacío su partida!

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