Four Ways to Connect With the Women in Leadership Project of Mennonite Church USA

Get connected to the Women in Leadership Project. It is a powerful initiative that aims to name and transform sexism in Mennonite Church USA. In 2009 Mennonite Women USA requested an audit of Mennonite institutions (academic, church, missions, constituency groups and others) to take a deep look at the number of women leaders. Joanna Shenk lead the audit. The findings? Widespread lack of women in leadership roles.

Four easy and powerful ways to get involved in the WLP:

1. Blog for the Women in Leadership blog on the Menno Snapshots blog as a way to connect with like-minded women but also see the blog as a platform for being open to hearing new perspectives on what it means to be a woman and a leader in the Mennonite Church today.

2. Worship with the Do You See this Woman? worship resource edited by Hilary Jerome Scarsella. It is subtitled: Undoing Patriarchy and Moving Toward Right Relationships. Read MW USA editor, Claire DeBerg’s sermon using this worship resource in her home congregation.

3. Women Connecting — gatherings of Mennonite women in leadership sponsored by the WLP. Recognizing the need for supportive spaces and mentoring relationships, we are providing opportunities to make these connections. Look for a Women Connecting gathering at your next area conference assembly.

4. Host an “Undoing Sexism” training at your church or workplace in 2017. Contact Jenny Castro for more information.

5. Keep up with what’s happening with the WLP by joining the Women in Leadership Project Facebook group.


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