Carolyn Heggen Commissioned for Sister Care by Albany Mennonite Church

By Meghan Good, pastor, Albany Mennonite Church

During the worship service on Jan. 19, 2014, Albany Mennonite Church conducted a special ceremony of commissioning for member Carolyn Heggen, as she continues her leadership in Sister Care, a ministry of Mennonite Women USA.

Carolyn Heggen and Rhoda Keener began leading the Sister Care seminar in 2010. Since then it has been presented in all 21 conferences of Mennonite Church USA and internationally in Nepal, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, and Bolivia. Mennonite Women USA is exploring next steps that include continuing to share the seminar around the world.

Albany Mennonite recognizes the ministry of Carolyn nationally and abroad as an extension of the ministry of the local church body. During the commissioning, the congregation affirmed Carolyn’s sense of call, recommitted themselves to supporting her, laid hands on her in prayer, and sang a song of worship in Spanish in celebration of the expanding ministry of Sister Care International.

The following Saturday, Albany Mennonite hosted a special fundraising lunch in support of Sister Care International. Fifty attendees from six Mennonite churches enjoyed cuisine from Bolivia and Colombia as Carolyn shared pictures and stories of courageous women from around the world. A total of $4,300 was raised to support further seminars and training.

Rhoda Keener says, “Carolyn is an amazing teacher, but more than that, the love she carries for women worldwide is what makes her ministry with Sister Care what it is.”



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