An Invitation for Written Prayers: Exposing and Undoing Sexualized Violence

written by Hilary Jerome Scarsella originally posted on Our Stories Untold.

Having each other’s words to lean on in the moments when we can’t come up with our own is a precious gift. If you would like to share with others the words you utter to the Divine in response to sexualized violence and all of the pain and healing that follow in its wake, Claire DeBerg, the editor of Timbrel – a publication of Mennonite Women USA – has an opportunity for you.

Timbrel’s April issue will focus on exposing and undoing sexualized violence in Mennonite churches, families and communities. Rachel and Hilary will be two of those contributing articles, and Claire is inviting anyone who is interested to submit prayers to be published in this Timbrel edition in addition.

Prayers of lament, hope, healing; prayers for victims, perpetrators, communities; prayers that are angry, joyful, sad; all prayers that come from the heart are welcome. If this is something you feel drawn to, go ahead and post your prayers in the comments section below. We’ll make sure each one makes its way to Timbrel. If you would rather submit the prayers directly to Timbrel though you can do that as well by emailing Claire at And if you would rather send your prayer privately to OSU, you can do that by clicking the “Contact” tab at top of [that] page. The following is usually printed with prayers, so if you feel comfortable please include:

  • ​​First Name
  • Last Name
  • City
  • State
  • Headshot

Let the gathering of collective wisdom begin! (Or, more honestly, continue…)

In preparation for the next Timbrel focused on exposing and undoing sexualized violence in our churches, families and communities, what is your prayer for the victims or the perpetrators?

Please submit by March 1st.

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