Thankful for MW USA staff

IMG_6873By Rhoda Keener

Last December each of us on the Mennonite Women USA staff received a gift from Ruth Guengerich.  The gift was a flower pot with dry dirt and a set of instructions. I placed my flower pot on the window sill where I see it every day from the chair where I work.  Today my amaryllis bloomed.  This morning it almost seemed as if I could see each flower opening.

I know that Claire has a story about her amaryllis and I’ve seen a photo of Berni’s. Not sure if Lois’ is blooming yet. For me these flowers symbolize my gratitude for our staff; how we are able to work as a team though miles apart creating together something much more than any of us could individually.  Thank you Ruth for giving us a gift from your home in Indiana that we are experiencing together in Kansas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

3 thoughts on “Thankful for MW USA staff

  1. Claire DeBerg on said:

    I agree, Rhoda. What a wonderful gift Ruth is and Ruth gave. I will post a picture of mine as soon as it blooms. Thank you for you!

  2. I love how you, my co-workers, see symbolism in these bulbs that are bringing beauty into your homes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rhoda, and the picture.

    And to Marge, thank you for your affirmation and encouragement. You are one of my heroes!

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