Moving through the fog, beaconed by HOPE

Berni Kaufman, Executive Assistant, MW USA

My journey to work (15 miles) for the last two days has been through fog.  Not dense enough that vehicles had to crawl, but apparent enough that one had to take notice.

Yesterday, when traveling the route that is more on the level (the plains of Kansas), I was aware of the fog sitting just above ground level. A kind of tease as to what might lurk beneath. I thought how true of this season of the year – Advent. The “fog” of the commercial world would lure us into believing that they have the secret to what we need to make this Christmas happy and bright. Oh, the challenge to stay above the fog where we can see clearly, keeping our vision on the One who makes life happy and bright.

This morning I took the interstate route which is a more hilly drive. There were times in the valleys that I wondered if it was safe to maintain the interstate speed. “Just  a few more yards and I’ll rise above the fog,” I told myself as I plowed through, not breaking my speed. At the higher elevation and I was relieved to see as far as the plains allow and life was good. Until I hit another patch of fog.

The advent season is a clouded time for many – diminished sunlight leading to longer nights, colder weather requiring more thought to dress, pressures to perform and consume insisting one start shopping early to get the best deals, demands from society and even family denying time to attend to one’s personal needs. Life in a perpetual cloud of fog. I remember those days. Life maintained at the dictated speed, everyone convinced that my life was happy and bright. Yet, my clouded vision was anything but.

Faith sustained me through that very foggy time. My mantra was HOPE. I woke up daily ‘hoping’ this would be the day the fog would lift. I went about my daily commitments ‘hoping’ the next person I met would have the answers I needed. I would succumb to the fog at the end of the day and fall into a fitful sleep only to awake to the fog.

Today, I journey on this side of those foggy years – with gratitude for the people and situations that were my beacons of HOPE. The ground fog I encountered this Advent season leaves me anticipating the happy and bright that will be revealed at Christmas. I feel excitement. Where have you found beacons of HOPE?

2 thoughts on “Moving through the fog, beaconed by HOPE

  1. Claire DeBerg on said:

    Berni, this post brings me hope. Thank you for this reflection. I’m inspired by it. I won’t be able to look at fog in the same way! Peace, Claire

  2. Rhoda Keener on said:

    Thanks Berni for sharing the beauty in the fog. Today I was given a little prayer journal that I can carry with me. It gave me a Beacon of Hope to write my prayers down.

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