Timbrel Editor Meets with Hmong Mennonite Women

I had the wonderful honor of sitting in on the Sunday School class for women at the Hmong Mennonite Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. (Note, the “H” in Hmong is silent and this ethnic group’s name is phonetically pronounced “mong” like the word “song.”)

They gave me an opportunity to share with them the work of Mennonite Women USA–the resources we offer like Sister Care seminarsleadership training like PREP and retreats like Women in Conversation. We talked, too, about the ways in which Mennonite Women USA might be helpful to this community and the response was a resounding: leadership training! Mai Ying serves on the Peace and Justice Task Group of the Central Plains Mennonite Conference.

Mai helped organize the meeting with me and was so gracious rearranging meeting times to accommodate the schedules of several people. As a group these women are very active in the Hmong Mennonite Churches Mission Women Ministry. A group of women from Hmong Mennonite St. Paul attended the annual Hmong Mennonite Women’s conference in August held in Colorado for 2013.

The workshops conducted were:

  • How to create wealth
  • How to do mission ministry
  • How to let go of resentments

Mai said coming together with other Hmong Mennonite women is a really important need for their small group so they always plan for and look forward to attending that conference.

Look forward to the winter 2014 Timbrel which will feature a reflection from Mai Ying on how she balances the busy life of a Hmong Mennonite woman in a big city.



2 thoughts on “Timbrel Editor Meets with Hmong Mennonite Women

  1. Carolyn Heggen on said:

    I was touched by the Hmong refugees I met in Thailand. Their courage, creativity and spunk was inspiring. I look forward to learning to know more of our Hmong Mennonite sisters who have immigrated to this country. Surely our denomination is enriched by the gifts, music and insights of our sisters and brothers from around the world. Thanks for telling us about your good experience, Claire.

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