Women Together I :: Service Projects in Your Community

Service Ideas

  • Host a meal for international students.
  • Plan a local mission exposure tour—such as a visit to a homeless shelter, inner city programs for youth, or a summer camp for special needs children—with follow-up activities in support of these ministries.
  • Invite other women’s groups to a tasting bee, featuring dishes prepared from your church cookbook or one of the World Community Cookbooks.
  • Glean fruits and vegetables for a local food bank or homeless shelter.
  • Serve early morning coffee and donuts to local government officials, thanking them for their service to the community. Pray for them afterwards.
  • Host a Thanksgiving dinner at your church for congregational and community members who otherwise would be alone.
  • Hold a giveaway in a public place, a chance to start up friendly conversations with people in your community. Possibilities include: grilled hot dogs, helium balloons for kids, or Polaroid family photos at a park; stamps outside a post office near tax day; flower seeds in spring; hot drinks in winter; transparent tape at Christmas.
  • Team up with a Sunday school class to sponsor a blood drive at church.
  • Invite pre-schoolers and their parents/caregivers (from within the church and beyond it) to meet at the church for an hour or two one morning a week for informal play and social time. Provide toys and a snack for the children and coffee for the adults (optional donations of $1 per visit can help provide these). Have caregivers be responsible for supervising their own children. Close with a time of singing with all participants.

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