Women Together I :: Fundraising Events


Book night: Decorate tables to represent different books and have people vote for their favorite by depositing change in jars on each table. Invite an author in your congregation to speak, or spend time sharing about well-loved books. Collect donations for the church library.

Community sing: Invite the congregation and community to an evening of singing, asking talented musicians from your church to accompany you. Charge an entrance fee or invite donations for a particular cause. Have song sheets and plenty of drinks available.

Silent auction: Solicit from your group items of a particular type, such as baked goods or baskets (fill with items on a theme, such as “Chocolate-Lovers Basket,” “A Romantic Picnic,” “Dieter’s De-lite,” or “Coffee Buzz-Buzz-Buzz”). Display the items, and invite bids from your congregation.

Saturday Spa: Learn how to give neck, shoulder, foot, and/or hand massages, then invite women to someone’s home for pampering. You might offer manicures, pedicures, or facials. Have soft music and at least one decadent dessert. Or teach massage methods and practice on each other.

Ping Pong World Cup: Sponsor a ping pong (or Rook or other game) tournament in your congregation, inviting donations or requiring entrance fees (clearly advertise the good cause the fees support). Offer fun prizes for winners of different age groups.

Quilt-a-thon or Bake-a-thon: Lots to do in preparation for a relief sale? Work with a youth group to pair up youth and individual adult workers (get some men to join you); have the youth solicit hourly pledges for their workers during a special night (all night?) of baking or sewing. Let the youth make up nicknames like “Fast-Stitch Frieda” as they promote the event and offer a prize for the youth who collects the most pledges. Decide with the youth ahead of time how to use the proceeds.

Bright Clothes Sunday: Wear your brightest, clashing outfits to chase away winter blahs. Award prizes for categories like Most Outrageous or Most Uncomfortable. This could be done in a group setting or a Sunday morning, inviting the congregation’s participation. Collect donations to buy blankets for the homeless or energy-saving lightbulbs for the church.

Christmas childcare: Offer several hours of fun activities for kids to give parents time for shopping on a Saturday early in December.

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