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Carolyn Holderread Heggen, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma recovery. Although she spent most of her clinical and academic career in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she currently lives in Corvallis, Oregon, and is an active member of Albany Mennonite Church. Carolyn has also lived and worked in Latin America, Pakistan, and Nepal, and often travels internationally in a consulting/teaching role. She has served on a variety of church boards including Hesston College, Mennonite Board of Missions, and Mennonite Women USA. She is the author of Sexual Abuse in Christian Homes and Churches and is a frequent speaker and workshop leader on personal and communal healing, pastoral boundaries, gender issues, and PTSD. She and her husband, Richard, are the parents of three adult children. For fun, Carolyn plays piano, bikes, and kayaks.

4 thoughts on “Carolyn Heggen :: Sister Care Co-Presenter

  1. to Carolyn: Recibí hoy el informe de MW USA sobre el benefit luncheon y en nombre de las mujeres internacionales les agradezco por el apoyo financiero y en oración. Dios los bendiga. Nos reuniremos en Guatemala el 8 de febrero, DM.

  2. Carolyn Heggen on said:

    Me dio mucha alegria ver a los hermanos de la iglesia cocinando y participando en esta comida para levantar fondos para el ministerio internacional de Mennonite Women y en particular para “Cuidandonos entre mujeres”.

    Que mucha energia buena habra en Guatemala cuando tantas hermanas animadas y dedicadas se reunen. Rhoda y yo estaremos en Phoenix, Arizona compartiendo en un taller para hombres tanto como para mujeres. El taller se llama Compassionate Care y usamos el manual que usamos para Sister Care. Nuestras oraciones estaran con ustedes alla en Guatemala. Favor de llevar nuestras saludos y amor para las hermanas alla. !Buen viaje!

  3. Helen on said:

    I appreciated the Sister Care experience this past weekend. I would like to communicate with you via email a bit if you are open to that.
    Helen Horst Yoder

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