PREP :: Press Release on Mennonite Women Leadership Training

PREP :: August 23-24, 2013 :: Whitestone Mennonite Church
-Jeni Hiett Umble, Broomfield, CO

Twenty-four women from ten area conferences met in Hesston, Kansas August 23-24, 2013 for Prepare, Resource, Encourage, and Praise (PREP). These women, all Mennonite Women leaders in their conferences, enjoyed laughing, networking, praying, and sharing together. Whitestone Mennonite Church provided the space and Hesston area women planned food and housing for the visitors. 


Speaker Nadine Friesen, Hillsboro, KS used the metaphor of a puzzle to talk about the unique gifts of each woman. Participants were invited to pray for themselves and others by writing names on a puzzle piece and remembering those persons in prayer. Just as each piece is unique and contributes to the completed picture, so each woman has unique gifts and is crucial to God’s bigger picture. 044








049New programming plans from Mennonite Women USA were shared by co-director Ruth Lapp Guengerich. The women were excited to learn about the expansion of Sister Care seminars through video and print materials. Several women have developed follow-up sessions to continue Sister Care sharing and growth. Making these materials available will allow more women to care for themselves and others. One seminar, Compassionate Care has been conducted for groups including men; plans are underway for additional seminars of Compassionate Care: Training for Caring Ministry, which will be for men and women.

Find out more from Mennonite Women USA’s women’s groups and retreats.


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