Martha Lucia Gómez :: 2013 IWF Recipient

Martha Lucia Gomez

Martha Lucia Gómez, Colombia, is advancing slowly through the first level of the program. Her goal is to continue her theological education to improve her work as a pastoral coordinator of the Mennonite Faith Community in her area.

2 thoughts on “Martha Lucia Gómez :: 2013 IWF Recipient

  1. Carolyn Heggen on said:

    Martha was a participant in the Sister Care event held in Colombia last year. It was a joy to learn to know her. She is bright, warm, highly committed to Anabaptist understandings of the Gospel and is a natural leader. During the Sister Care (Cuidandonos Entre Mujeres) event she was installed as co-leader of the Colombian branch of Latin American Anabaptist Women Theologians. If she is “advancing slowly” through the program of study, it is not because she is not highly motivated but rather because she is involved in so many church and community related activities and programs. Helping to make possible theological studies for Martha is a wonderful investment!

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