Summer Timbrel The Power of Hands :: Cover Photo

We had a delightful Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis, Minnesota shooting the cover images for this summer’s Timbrel issue.

Denise Miller and her daughters, Nicole and Samantha, are a lovely family! Denise knows the power of her hands because one summer she created a weeklong camp at her home for the girls from church in which she taught them various sewing projects. I’ll never forget, too, when she helped my daughter, Gloria, fix a row from the scarf she was knitting–her hands sped through the yarn and fixed all the places with dropped knits and pearls. Amazing hands!

She shared some poignant images of her family’s hands that she captured nearly a decade ago when her daughter, Samantha, was a new baby.


“Soon after Samantha was born we visited my Grandmother, 101, over Christmas. It struck me during that visit how Samantha’s and her hands were like bookends – softness of a two-month-old newborn and well worn age of experience. I’ve always known what my hands will be in age. I snapped a few photos of their hands together. Just a candid or two. Some came out, others were blurry. My Grandmother was a depression-era bride, pastor’s wife and young mother. She weathered through a lot of changes and history. And, her hands told the story of life-long hard work.”

So, after church one Sunday afternoon we hiked around our church property in the middle of the city and found so many wonderful backdrops and lush scenery…the picture taking was fun and easy…choosing the cover photo was the hardest part!

Here was our very first “warm-up” shot for the Miller Girls to get used to having their hands as the center of attention:


We found some railings that made for great shots:


IMG_6950 IMG_6952 IMG_6954


Then we couldn’t help creating some fun shapes with their long, beautiful fingers (we even got some cute painted toenails in one picture!):

IMG_6938 IMG_6941 IMG_6945

They marched their hands up a wall:


Praised the Lord:



And we came upon lush greenery growing outside Emmanuel Mennonite Church (we assured Samantha it was not poison ivy):


And we even got in some funny tree-hugging poses!



I am so grateful to sweet little Samantha Miller for her great ideas for different shots and her bright, sparkly way of enjoying life.


And to the lovely Nicole who has great patience wearing a gorgeous scarf though the temperature was climbing all afternoon.


They are pretty good sisters to each other:


And beautiful Denise was so generous to let me come along with her family and take 100s of shots of their hands!


(Oh! And Luke Miller was there, too, to give great advice on angles and positions and help ensure all his girls laughed and giggled while I took pictures):


Our winning shot made for a wonderful cover on this year’s summer Timbrel issue on “The Power of Hands” ta-da!

MW USA possible summer cover













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