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Jan Unzicker’s Weekend Snackpac Lunch Program

I use my hands to help others. I have a passion for children, especially hungry children and children that are on the free and reduced lunch program in schools. I have always wondered if they have enough to eat on weekends. So I started a program called Weekend Snackpac Lunches for one of the schools in my area through my church, Metamora Mennonite. We pack 275 lunches a month and I deliver them on Fridays to give out on weekends.

Childhood hunger is a common issue in every school, especially for students on weekends when resources are limited. Each child deserves to know the love of God and the love of the community. I continue to connect a church with a school. It has been a great partnership between the community and the school districts, but the real benefit is to the students who are fed over the weekend.

My program has grown to 50 schools with 2,000 lunches given out weekly. I have been so blessed with donations, many volunteers and prayers. God uses ordinary people just like you and me to do His work. I am in awe how just one person can plant a seed and watch it grow. I could not have done this without that little nudge from God.

Learn more about Jan Unzicker’s Weekend Snackpac program.

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