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MW USA Florence Zehr
This morning as my husband and I awoke we knew it was Saturday and time to wash the sheets.  We are so thankful we live in senior housing so life is simpler.
My husband is diabetic so I give him four shots a day and because of glaucoma, drops in his eyes two times a day.  After eating our breakfast and while drinking coffee, we open our Bible and read and pray.  We are thankful we can touch others through prayer requests.
I am making a quilt so I put my scraps together to make a top that will keep someone warm.  How thankful I am that I can still quilt even though my fingers are bent!
I  use the computer so enjoy hearing from my friends and family.  What a blessing my family showed me how to use it.  I am also on face book so keep in contact that way with them also.
I am on the board here in our retirement home and keep a record of our business keeping this place in good shape for all of us who live here.
I will soon go for a walk and how thankful I am that I can walk and keep my hands and feet in motion.  I enjoy greeting others and listening to bird song!

Books are so enjoyable that I can hold and read the thoughts of authors.

I also enjoy embroidery work so am thankful I can pick up a needle and thread it in order to make beautiful things.

Florence Zehr, age 82, grandmother of Anna Yoder.

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